Rules & Regulations

  • Please make sure the receipts are signed and sealed by the owner, if not, the received will not be considered.
  • One month notice has to given before vacating the place, if not given the advance amount will be forfeited from the same
  • Visitors/guest not allowed and if found the premises charges as per daily basis will be applicable.
  • If anything is damaged or missing from the premises and if no one takes the responsibility everyone is liable to contribute for the same
  • Drinking or smoking or drugs or tobacco chewing not allowed in the premises and if found guilty of accommodation and deposit will be forfeited and asked to vacate on the spot.
  • You are responsible for your belonging if anything is stolen or missing we will not be responsible. please keep your valuables in the locker
  • If the nuisance is caused on the premises, an involved person will have to leave accommodation without any notice and refund will be forfeited, and if no one takes responsibility. All the guests have to leave. All are equally responsible for the nuisance.
  • If deposit receipt misplaced, the refund will not be given back, so keep the same, safe with you.
  • Accommodation charges have to be paid by the 7th of each month for rupees 500 fine will be charged after every 5 days.
  • Please check on the electricity bill and gas bill charges equal sharing of the electricity bill for all guest.
  • Jurisdiction: for any dispute and differences arising out of the present accommodation then the same will be to "Sole Arbitrator" appointed by the owner and the award will be binding to both the parties. The venue of an arbitrator be in Pune and languages will be in English